What is Community?


How do grow my Community?



What are Applicants?

  • These are people who have applied to join your Community. You can see their information they've applied with, but they do not count as 'members'. You can receive unlimited applicants to join your Community on all our plans. 

How many people can apply to join my community?

  • There is no limit to how many applications you can receive on your Community application page!


What is a Member?

  • Members are people who belong to your Community. When Members are accepted into your Community you can send gifts, create and track affiliate offers (referral and discount codes), make payments, and more. 

How many Members can I have in my Community?

  • There is no limit to the number of Members that you can have in your community!

What are do the Member Status' mean?

  • Pending - These are people you've accepted to join your community. The 'Pending' status shows an in-between state for this applicant to become a member. They will receive an email saying they've been accepted to join your Community and once they accept this invitation, they will become a member! :) - If needed, you can also resend any invitations to Pending members!
  • Member - This refers to people who have been accepted to your Community and have accepted their invitation! Your active Members can always be seen on your Members tab in Community.